Myovolt teams up with Ironman legend Mike Phillips to power-up his recovery

Posted by Myovolt on 17th Feb 2020

Myovolt has teamed up with Mike Phillips, New Zealand based Ironman, to support his bid for the world Ironman champs in 2020.

Mike Phillips, who is coming back from injury which hampered his racing last year, is now hot on the heels of the podium leaders thanks to Myovolt helping him manage muscle recovery so he can train harder, recover faster and push himself further as a professional athlete.

The professional Ironman race circuit is one of the most grueling challenges for any athlete's body but with support from Myovolt to keep soreness and stiffness at bay, Mike can keep on track with his training and perform at the peak of his ability every time.

Myovolt founder, Dr Dianne Jones says “It's fantastic to be working with a world class athlete like Mike in a sport where muscle recovery is crucial for the marginal gains required to win at the top level. Myovolt harnesses cutting edge vibration tech to speed up recovery, giving you a much smarter way to support the physical demands of an intensive training schedule.”

The focus of Myovolt is on the importance of recovery as part of a daily exercise routine and being available to anyone, not just elite athletes. In Mike’s case, it is essential to include recovery as a key part of his intensive training schedule. This will be able to keep him on track for his personal goals as well as minimize the risk of injury from poor recovery.

“Myovolt is a world-leading recovery tech, and it’s great to be working with them. Being smarter about recovery after training and leading up to races is the key to success in Ironman and keeping me on the podium this year” says Mike Phillips.

We'll be following Mike’s recovery journey as he progresses along his strenuous race circuit this year.