Keeping fit and healthy in the workplace.

Posted by Myovolt on 10th Dec 2018

Did you know in some countries like the USA, people sit at a desk on average over nine hours per day? This lack of activity not only causes health problems like obesity and heart disease, people are less fit and more prone to pain or injury as well. There are ways to stay fit on the job, even if you have a desk job. Here’s a few you can do:

Desk Stretches

First, stretches are a must if you sit for an extended period during the day. Many companies are actually setting timers on employee computers. When the timer goes off, it is time to stretch. Here are some great examples of stretches you can do right at your desk:

Drop you head side to side so your ear reaches to your shoulder

Drop your chin to your chest and then back

Turn your head side to side

Shrug your shoulders for a few seconds

Put your arms behind your back, press the palms together and hold to open up the chest muscles

Use an exercise band and stretch it behind your head to open the chest muscles

Use your chair as support and do calf raises

Hold your hands together, palms up, and reach toward the sky

Put your right arm up and your left leg out, then alternate in a scissor pattern

Bend your right leg at the knee and grab it with your arms to pull close to your chest, then alternate legs

Place your right ankle on your left leg, bend over and hold to open the hip flexors, then alternate legs.

Walking and Jogging

The next time you need to have a one-on-one meeting, try a walking meeting. Walk around the block or on a green space at the company instead of sitting in a conference room. Many employees have organised lunch time walks as well. You can also jog in place for about a minute by your desk. Do this about three to five times per day. You can also pretend to jump rope and your desk, or do lunges to get muscles working.


Try to find time to stand up at your desk. If you have something lengthy to read, stand, don’t sit. The same goes for phone calls – stand while you talk. You can also stand and do stretches while participating in conference calls or webinars.

Recovery Tools

There are great new technologies, like Myovolt for wearable recovery, you can use it right at your desk to loosen up your shoulders or back and even ease repetitive strain on wrist or elbows. Just wrap it on and a quick 10 minute treatment a few times a day can make a huge difference to how your body feels.

Get Moving

Whatever exercise you choose, it is important to keep moving in the workplace to keep your circulation active and your body feeling better.

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