Is DOMS making you sore after running?

Posted by Myovolt on 28th Feb 2020

Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is when you experience soreness, pain or overall discomfort after exercise. The pain finds its way to you about one day after your run. This pain can last anywhere from one day to four days. There are many ways to relieve the feeling of DOMS, as no two people are the same. But you should make a point to place importance on your recovery schedule to be able to get the most from your performance. Add into your exercise routine recovery tech to aid in your recovery journey.

Here are some tips to prevent DOMS after your run:


Cool-downs should be an essential part of your exercise routine. This will help in reducing the effect of stiff and sore muscles after a particularly hard training session. One of the most well known waste product that builds up in the body is lactic acid and if not properly removed during a cool down it can cause stiff muscles and cramps. Cool-downs should consist of either a slow jog or walk following exercise. This will ensure that your body transitions smoothly from an active state to a resting state. In this time your blood flow, heart rate, and temperature will all be decreasing. 


Hydrate before, during, and after your run. Water is usually still the best option for hydration (despite what large sports drink companies say!). Sports drinks are okay, but you should be careful not to drink overly sugary sports drinks that will put back on those calories you’ve worked off. Use sports drinks as a supplement to your main source of hydration, water, in order to replenish electrolytes which will help you recover.


After your run, try a massage. Either splurge at a spa with a massage therapist or you can do it yourself. Invest in a foam roller or a massage stick. That will help alleviate tension and relax your muscles. Having your muscles massaged after a workout can help blood flow move along your body. This will allow your body to receive much-needed oxygen to your muscles.

Wearable Recovery Tech

For those who favor high-tech solutions, a new innovation like Myovolt Wearable Recovery may be the answer for easing the tension in your muscles following an intense run. Myovolt does this by targeting the muscles that are over-worked during a run and delivering localized vibration therapy to increase blood flow and relieve soreness in muscles and joints. Through the use of focussed vibration frequencies, users are able to gain targeted relief in the areas that are more likely to feel the effects of DOMS such as the calf and quad muscles. Vibration Therapy is a widely researched technique studied for DOMS relief. Myovolt's Knee & Leg Kit is lightweight, wearable and is convenient to use anytime, anywhere for fast effective recovery.

Ice it

In addition to massaging your body, you can also use ice to relax the muscles. The coldness of the ice reduces any inflammation in your muscles. The pain that is caused after an intense run or workout comes from the production of lactic acid and any kind of inflammation that your muscles experience after being used so intensely. You also don’t need to wait until you feel sore, you can begin to ice yourself with an ice pack or even take an ice bath immediately after you’re done. By preemptively treating your body, the next day your muscle pain will be less severe.

Try following some or all of these steps and you'll be feeling less sore and running further faster!