Preventing drumming injuries with Myovolt.

Posted by Myovolt on 29th Jul 2019

Playing the drums professionally can be a dangerous thing for the body. Drumming long term increases your chances of developing repetitive strain type injuries in wrists, elbows and shoulders. With famous drummers such a Phil Collins and Neil Peart revealing the extent of their injuries from lifelong drumming careers, its clear that drummers need to condition and strengthen their bodies in a similar way to elite athletes if they want to avoid long term injury.

Myovolt has been helping Garrett Goodwin, professional drummer for Carrie Underwood Band with just that. Garrett has been using Myovolt for shoulder and wrist therapy between shows to support him with grueling tour schedules.

"Myovolt has been on the road with me relieving wrist and shoulder aches after live shows. I have been using it daily and it's working great!" 

Common problems for drummers include frayed tendons from overuse and repetitive strain injury to the small muscles of the hands and forearms leading to tendonitis. Also elbow epicondylitis is a common injury where the area at the end of the elbow comes under stress with poor technique, overuse and excessive drumming to cause inflammation and chronic pain. Lower back pain and shoulder pain suffered by drummers extends from long hours sitting with poor posture.

When tendons are overloaded or irritated, tissues swell up restricting range of motion and making complex movements painful. These problems only get worse as the drummer ages. Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid long term injuries and this can be done by regular strengthening and conditioning in much the same way as an athlete would do.

A thorough warm up before drumming sessions to improve blood flow followed by stretching after the gig to reduce soreness is a good way to prevent tendonitis type conditions developing.

Whilst some well known bands take physical therapists, trainers and massage specialists on the road with them, Garrett has shown that a product like Myovolt is an affordable way for drummers to achieve the recovery benefits that can keep them up on stage for longer.

The Myovolt Elbow and Wrist Kit is the product we recommend for drummers. Find out more here.