Staying fit and motivated in the lockdown

Posted by Myovolt on 30th Mar 2020

With many countries across the globe now in lockdown, keeping fit and healthy has never been more important. But for many people, a normal exercise routine is no longer possible, whether that's getting to a fitness class at the gym or doing an outdoor sport. Staying motivated and keeping fit not only strengthens the immune system but also keeps a positive mindset which is important in these uncertain times.

Whilst there's some comfort in knowing that we are all in the same boat, we can also be inspired by stories from around the world showing how other people are keeping fit and staying positive during the lockdown. A great example from Spain is a fitness trainer who took to his rooftop to teach a fitness class to other people in his apartment block. He wanted to motivate people to stay active, feeling that the lockdown would cause people to be discouraged to workout so he took it upon himself to lead an impromptu class. Residents of the apartment complex joined in his class from their living rooms and balconies, being able to maintain the social distancing but feeling part of a group fitness session.

In-home marathon running has also become popular. It all started with an amateur runner in China who went viral on social media when he recorded himself completing an ultra-marathon in his living room. In a bid to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown in Hangzhou, he set up an 8m circuit around two tables and completed 6250 laps (50km) in just under five hours. He used a fitness tracker to record his run as well as video recording his run on Weibo.

A restaurant worker in France has run a marathon on his 23 foot long balcony. After having completed 36 marathons prior to the lockdown, he commented that the quarantine run was his toughest one yet due to having to keep doing turns at each end of the balcony. With 3000 laps of the balcony, that's a lot of turns and very sore legs.

An Auckland man has also run 50km around the outside of his house during the first day of lockdown in New Zealand. Running 500 laps of his home in around 7 hours was his way of giving himself a challenge after local events he had been due to compete in had been canceled. To keep things interesting, he changed the direction he was running in and also did a few laps with his two-year-old son on his shoulders.

But you don't need to run a marathon in your living room to stay active. If you don't have gym equipment at home, bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats are great at keeping up your fitness. Add weights for extra intensity ( full milk bottles will do) and there are so many online workout routines available to follow that its easy to replicate a gym class, or do a fitness training program designed for a specific sport.

You can also get inspiration from Olympic athletes who are sharing their home fitness routines and workout programs online via the Olympic Channel. Taekwondo and cross-country skiing Olympian Pita Taufatofua from Tonga has gone viral with his daily full body (shirtless) workouts. There are challenges and tips from figure skaters to gymnasts and pole vaulters, something for everyone.

Covid-19 has seen a boom in the online fitness market with gym chains and personal trainers live streaming exercise classes and companies offering free trials of fitness apps. Its never been easier to keep fit at home and there's certainly no excuse anymore with all that time on your hands.

For pro athletes who are feeling disorientated with event calendars being canceled there's also a way to remain motivated via virtual sports clubs. An example is IRONMAN that is launching its own virtual club for athletes in April. Club members will be able to train and even compete in races with weekly challenges and prize money up for grabs. This virtual club may also allow athletes to compete and qualify for future live events such as the 70.3 World Champs in Taupo New Zealand still scheduled for November 2020. With the rapidly changing environment IRONMAN has moved its tagline from ‘Anything is Possible’ to ‘Anywhere is Possible’ giving pro athletes a platform to continue their careers.

Whatever you choose to do to stay fit at home, don't forget the importance of recovery. Whether you are running a marathon around your sofa, doing an ultra-swim in your paddling pool or you have overdone an online fitness class, Myovolt can help you recover more effectively. If your recovery regimen used to involve going to the sports physio for a treatment session, don't worry. With Myovolt you can be your own in-home physio, no need to leave the house, no physical contact with another human necessary!

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