The benefits of sports massage

Posted by Myovolt on 21st Feb 2019

If you love exercise you probably wish you could get more out of each workout, or perform better at sports. If so, sports massage is probably right for you. There are plenty of benefits to adding regular massage sessions to your fitness routine. Read on to find out more about them!

Reduce DOMS

Anyone who has ever worked out has likely experienced delayed-onset muscle soreness, otherwise known as DOMS. It is best described as muscle pain that usually develops a few hours after trying a new or eccentric exercise that engages muscles in novel ways. DOMS isn’t a massive concern for most people, but it certainly is uncomfortable. It can even cause some people to shy away from trying that form of exercise again, even though repetition can minimize the symptoms. Sports massage offers a solution to this.

Keep Tightness Away

People who exercise heavily may have tighter muscles. This is because heavily exerted muscles can lose their ability to relax. Chronically tight muscles are a problem for any athlete looking to achieve their fitness goals. Tight muscles signify a lack of flexibility, which tends to go hand in hand with muscle soreness. In the worst cases, this tightness means athletes are more likely to suffer serious injuries, like muscle pulls and tears. Regular massage therapy helps promote blood flow to the muscles, while also helping them to relax over time. This reduces pain, and helps the muscles to stay fresh.

Prevent and Recover From Injuries

Pulled muscles, strains and sprains are a fact of life for all kinds of athletes but research suggests that sports massage can help reduce the likelihood of these kinds of injuries. The pressure that occurs during a massage helps your muscles, tendons and ligaments to ‘wake up,’ which can stimulate injury recovery and help your body ready itself for vigorous activity.

No matter what your favorite type of exercise is, you are likely to benefit from incorporating sports massage into your fitness routine. If you’re serious about the way you train, or truly want to take your performance to the next level, regular sports massage can provide you with benefits that other methods of rest and recovery just don’t offer.

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