Triathlon-A-Day Across New Zealand

Posted by Myovolt on 24th Jul 2020

Off-road triathlete Kieran McPherson will be attempting to complete a triathlon a day across the length of New Zealand over two weeks. He will start at the bottom of the South Island in Bluff and then swim, bike and run his way up to Cape Reinga at the top of the North Island. By the end of the road he will have completed the equivalent of ten iron distance triathlons.

Our Kiwi audience may have seen Kieran pop-up on the news during lock-down where he completed an off-road triathlon in his backyard. Not wanting to be restricted to only online training platforms to stay active, Kieran decided to map out a triathlon course on his family farm. This included digging out a pool to swim in and creating his own bike route.

His newest venture is looking to be a lot bigger, Kieran is planning to cover approximately 160 kilometres a day to make it the length of New Zealand. Kieran will be raising money and creating awareness for the Phillips Search and Rescue Helicopters, the same group that saved his life back in 2012 following a tree felling accident. Unable to be reached by ambulance, the swift response from the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter meant that Kieran was able to make a full recovery and continue to chase his passions. Kieran’s goal is to raise (NZD)$100,000.00 in donations for the Phillips Search and Rescue Helicopters. If you wish to donate head to his Give a Little Page

When the Myovolt team heard of Kieran’s mission we reached out to offer our support. We knew he'd be needing a lot of help with recovery if he was going to be able to perform at his best day after day. Kieran is now tooled-up with Myovolt to fast track his muscle recovery between each leg of his triathlon so he can keep his grueling two week schedule on track. We will be keeping up with his progress and his recovery journey and you can follow him too on his website

As an update to this story, Ten days into his Tri Across the Length of New Zealand, Kieran was forced to stop. Upon reaching his home town of Matamata (AKA Hobbiton) an announcement was made that the city of Auckland was to be put in lock-down due to Covid-19. This included restrictions on all travel in and out of the city. To continue his triathlon, Kieran needed to be able to pass through Auckland to make it to Cape Reinga.

Kieran had to make the tough decision to pause his challenge and wait until it was safe for both him and his support crew to continue. This pause ended up lasting three weeks, but this break also meant that Kieran was able to come back with a strong finish. He was able to achieve his goal of raising funds and awareness for the Search and Rescue Helicopters that help so many New Zealanders every year.

Well done Kieran!