Wearable technology is igniting a sports revolution

Posted by Myovolt on 11th Jun 2019

Myovolt is featured in a recent review of high-tech wearables which are changing the way ordinary people can interact with their sports. Not just for elite athletes, wearable tech is hailed as the breakthrough which will allow anyone to monitor their performance, manage their recovery and reduce the risk of injury whilst enjoying the sports they love. Monitoring of the body in terms of physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiration is now commonplace, but the next step is combining these with action based data such as speed, distance and force to give a much more detailed picture of performance and a guide for technique improvement. This also allows for an objective assessment of how far an individual can push themselves in a given activity to minimise injury and improve safety.

Using 'active' wearable technology to physically enhance the performance and recovery of the body is relatively new idea with products such as Myovolt at the cutting edge. Whether that's muscle warming to prepare and optimse muscles prior to intensive activity, or massage therapy after sports to remove Lactic Acid and prevent soreness. Making these technologies personal to the individual, easy to use and effective is the key to success for any wearable product wanting to catch the eye of sports and fitness consumers.

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