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How does Myovolt work? 

Myovolt is a flexible electronic device that has embedded actuators capable of generating physical vibration energy and transmitting this into muscles and soft tissues when worn against the body. Myovolt applies the well established physiotherapy technique of Localized Vibration Therapy, but it delivers this is a unique wearable format that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to use on any part of the body. To find out more about Localized Vibration Therapy and its physiological benefits please see the Reseach Page on our website.

Who can use Myovolt? 

Myovolt has been designed as a muscle stimulation device and it works in a similar way as sports massage giving similar benefits. It can be used on sore and tired muscles to remove stiffness, improve circulation and flexibility and give myofascial release. So it's great for those who need a bit of help to keep on top of their sports and fitness routine. For anyone who has general soreness and stiffness in their muscles from the exertions of daily life it's a simple, effective and drug free way to relax any tightness and tension.

Use as a warm-up tool before exercise or training to improve circulation and get muscles primed for action, helping to reduce the risk of injury. For recovery after training it's also a really easy and convenient way to help reduce soreness in overworked muscles, minimise the DOMS and get you back to form quicker.

What is Myovolt used for? 

Myovolt is used to remove stiffness, soreness and increase circulation in muscles or joints. This could be as part of a warm-up or recovery program for sports and fitness improvement. More generally it can be used for the massage of tired or sore muscles, for movement enhancement and to improve flexibility, or for general relaxation and wellbeing.

How does Myovolt differ from TENS or EMS? 

TENS and EMS apply an electrical current into the body via adhesive electrodes placed in direct contact with the skin surface to stimulate nerves. In some cases this provides a pain relief effect. Myovolt uses a specific band of vibration frequencies which can penetrate into the body to physically massage and stretch muscles fibres resulting in increased localized circulation, soreness relief, increase muscle flexibility and other beneficial effects. Unlike TENS and EMS devices, Myovolt does not need to be adhered directly to the skin, it can be applied either under or over the top of clothing.

How does Myovolt differ from percussion guns? 

Myovolt is not a percussion device. It does not apply high impact mechanical forces to your body in order to achieve its therapeutic effect. Myovolt uses Focal Vibration Therapy to stimulate soft tissues and nerves in a gentle yet effective way and thereby avoids the aggressive forces delivered by percussion tools. 

Should I use Myovolt if I have a medical condition? 

PLEASE DO NOT USE MYOVOLT WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING APPROVAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING APPLY: Pregnancy, diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, wear of pace-makers, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraines, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, or spondylosis, recent joint replacements or IUD’s, metal pins or plates or any concerns about your physical health. Frail individuals and children should be accompanied by an adult when using any vibration device. The above contra indications do not mean that you are not able to use Myovolt but it must be used only after consultation with your doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Using Myovolt as part of a treatment plan on a muscle/joint with prior surgery or injury can be useful in some cases. However this must only be done on the advice of and in accompaniment with a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist.

Should I use Myovolt if I have an injury? 

We do not recommend the use of Myovolt by anyone who has an injury or has had prior surgery unless a doctor, specialist or physiotherapist has been consulted first. In some cases Myovolt can be useful as part of a wider treatment plan for a muscle/joint injury but it will depend on the specific advice given by your healthcare professional.

Which of the treatment programs should I use? 

Myovolt has three software controlled massage programs designed by our treatment professionals which have vary in their combination of vibration frequency and intensity.
Mode 1) increase circulation
Mode 2) soreness and stiffness relief
Mode 3) warming up muscles & increasing flexibility

These are just guides and you can select the one that works best for you.

Can Myovolt be worn on top of clothing? 

Yes, since Myovolt uses physical vibration rather than electrical stimulation it does not need intimate skin contact to work. It can be worn against the skin if preferred and it can be discreetly hidden under clothing. You can also wear it on top of your regular clothing. The Myovolt Wraps supplied with our Kits can be tensioned using the Velco straps to ensure good contact with the body. The Myovolt Wraps are multi-fit and will suit most body sizes.

How long does the battery last before it needs recharging? 

When fully charged the battery should last for around 10 treatment cycles. Each treatment cycle is 10 minutes in length and then the Myovolt Module will automatically switch off. The Module is simply recharged using the micro USB cable supplied with the Kit. When charging the Myovolt Module the LED indicator will show a RED light. Once the battery is fully charged the LED indicator will change to GREEN. The charging time from empty to full is approximately 3 hours.

What is the warranty policy? 

Myovolt has a 1 year manufacturers warranty. See here for the details: Warranty

Do you offer discounts for group purchases for my sports club, team or organization? 

Yes, if you want to buy multiple Myovolt Kits or products please Contact Us for our best offers.

Which countries do you ship to? 

Orders placed via our Webshop can be shipped to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe and Hong Kong. Shipping is by tracked service and the lead time is 5 to 7 working days. Any applicable shipping costs depend on order weight and destination and are calculated at the check-out page of the Webshop. We can ship to other worldwide destinations by arrangement, please Contact Us for more information.

Is Myovolt washable? 

The Myovolt Vibration Modules are electronic devices that are not designed to be washed. The Modules are not waterproof and must not be used if they become wet.
The Myovolt Straps are textile garments and can be washed by hand or machine. Please remove the Myovolt Vibration Module from the straps first, then machine wash using a gentle cycle at 40°C, or hand washed. Line dry.
The Myovolt Module can be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. Take care not to get any moisture into the USB connector port area.