Our Story


Innovation Track Record

Myovolt's world leading experts in wearable electronics have developed technology embedded garments for elite athletes, Olympic teams and sportswear brands around the globe.

At Myovolt our driving force is to create revolutionary wearable technologies that help people feel better. Whether that's recovering faster after pushing yourself too hard on the field or giving you an edge to perform at your best no matter your age, we are committed to bringing you wearable technology innovations that make a real difference to how you feel. ​

Our team has some of the world's most experienced innovators, developers and production engineers in the field of wearable electronics. Over the last 20 years we have delivered award winning wearable tech products to some of the biggest global brands in apparel, sportswear and electronics including Apple, Nike, Adidas, Decathlon, BMW and many others.

Our work with major sports brands led us to create performance enhancing garments for elite athletes. We designed and developed muscle boosting garments using infra red emitting textiles which were clinically proven to increase power and speed in explosive sports such as cycling and running. This technology has been used widely by Olympic athletes and international sports teams across the globe. ​

We think this type of high performance technology should be available to anyone who needs a boost, not just elite athletes and that's why we developed Myovolt. By harnessing the benefits of Focal Vibration Therapy and engineering a design that can wrap around the body, we have taken wearable performance tech to the next level. Myovolt is not only effective as a muscle warm-up device, but it is a unique technology for muscle recovery too. Myovolt is now widely used by clinicians, sport trainers, elite athletes, weekend warriors and anyone who needs muscle recovery. ​

Standing behind everything we do is science and collaboration. We work closely with academics, clinicians and sports professionals to test and refine our products. Our goal is to design the most cutting edge products that give the best results for you. ​

The Myovolt Team
Christchurch, New Zealand.