Myovolt wearable sports rehab technology delivers targeted vibration therapy to forearms, wrists and elbows to ease repetitive strain and relax tension after overuse of arms.
Myovolt vibration therapy sports wrap fits comfortably around the elbow, forearm or wrist to relieve tension and strain in muscles, joints and ligaments. Quick, easy and convenient to use sports physio treatment.

Myovolt Arm

Wearable vibration therapy device.

Targeted vibration therapy that you can wear comfortably around the wrist, elbow, forearm or bicep. Relieve strain and tension from overuse, reduce DOMS and increase flexibility in muscles, joints and ligaments. An adjustable design for the left or right arm, one size fits most.

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Reduce muscle soreness.
Myovolt relaxes the tissues after hard exercise or muscle stress helping to prevent pain and stiffness developing.
Boost warm-up.
Myovolt stimulates circulation to pre-warm muscles, unlock any stiffness or tightness and improves the body’s mobility.
Increase flexibility.
Myovolt promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, removing lactic acid and metabolic waste. This results in easier freedom of movement.
Faster muscle recovery.
Recovery times can be shortened with a quicker return of flexibility, together with a reduction in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).
Features and specifications
Clinically validated.
Benefits supported by published research studies of Myovolt in sports physiology and rehabilitation science.
Focused treatment.
The patented wearable design wraps closely around the wrist, elbow or forearm to effectively direct focal vibration treatment.
Use anytime, anywhere.
Lightweight, hands-free, can be worn over clothing. Convenient to use at home, at work, after sports, while travelling.
Myovolt elbow recovery sports brace integrates vibration therapy for fast and effective soreness and stiffness relief in muscles and joints post-exercise.
Physio treatment anytime, anywhere with Myovolt wearable vibration technology developed to relieve muscle soreness and joint stiffness in arms, wrists and elbows.
Relieve wrist and forearm repetitive strain with Myovolt wearable vibration therapy sports wrap for daily physio treatment that's comfortable and easy to use in 10 minutes.
Product weight
160g / 5.6oz
Frequency range
20–100 Hz
Battery life
3hr charge via micro USB
Washable strap (remove module)
Adjustable up to 3XL
Wear next to skin or over clothes
Treatment modes
Recovery, Flexibility, Warm-up
Treatment time
10-minutes (auto stop)
TSA approved
TSA approved carry-on item
Hear from our community
"Before I start training I use Myovolt as a warm up for my arms, as well as having it ready for recovery afterwards.”
Cody Everson Rugby Captain, NZ Wheel Blacks
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What’s in the box.
Myovolt Vibration Module
Focal Vibration Therapy Device
Arm Strap
Adjustable plush neoprene strap
Charging Cable
38cm micro USB cable
User Manual
Digital version available here
Carry bag
Module case
For best results use Myovolt regularly. We recommend you start to use your Myovolt product for its programmed length of 10 minutes. Clinical research on the Myovolt device bases its findings on a minimum treatment time of 10 minutes for soreness and stiffness relief.

The module is programmed to automatically switch off after the 10-minute cycle is finished but you can easily reactivate the module to extend your treatment. It is safe to use Myovolt daily and over a long period of time.
Myovolt can be used by anyone who needs a bit of help to keep on top of their sports and fitness routine. For those who have soreness and stiffness in their muscles from the exertions of daily life, it's a simple, effective and drug-free way to relax any tightness and tension.
Myovolt is a One Size Fits Most product and is fully adjustable to fit most people. If the product does not fit then just get in touch here and we will arrange extension straps: [email protected]
Yes. Myovolt is designed to wrap around the body and does not impede your movement. So you can get your vibration treatment on the go and keep moving around freely.
TENS and EMS treatments apply an electrical current via electrodes that must be placed in direct contact with the skin to stimulate nerves. Some people find the sensation uncomfortable.

Myovolt uses a specific range of vibration frequencies that physically massage and stretch muscle fibres and stimulate nerves which result in increased blood flow, soreness relief, increase muscle flexibility and other effects. Myovolt is comfortable to use and does not require direct contact with the skin to work so it can be worn over clothing.
Myovolt delivers Focal Vibration with a frequency range between 20–100 Hz and at an amplitude of 1–2mm. This range of frequencies is scientifically proven to stimulate soft tissues and nerves for the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and functional mobility conditions among others.

Percussion technology uses the repetitive mechanical force of a gun or other impacting device typically working at an amplitude of 16mm. The lower amplitude of Myovolt means it's more comfortable to use and won't risk muscle damage. Myovolt also has a wider range of functional benefits for both recovery and mobility improvement.
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“The team use Myovolt to warm-up muscles before training and as a key part of our recovery work.”
LeeVan Santos Hurricanes S&C Coach
“My clients love Myovolt. They are able to really feel it working on their muscles and joints.”
Luke Taylor Conditioning & Recovery Expert
“Myovolt has helped me so much. I use it 10-minutes before and after I bowl. I feel amazing the next day.”
Brett Randell Pro Cricket Fast Bowler